Our Group

Green Wheel Group of Companies

Green Wheel Group consists of multiple companies manufacturing and servicing many industries across the globe.

Green Wheel Marketing (Pvt. )Ltd

Green Wheel Marketing (Pvt.) Ltd. which came into existence in 1979, is the marketing subsidiary of Green Wheel Group of Companies which has been in successful business for over three decades.

Ideal Foods and Beverages (Pvt.) Ltd.

This food manufacturing company is a subsidiary company of the Greenwheel Group which belongs to a family that has been in successful business over the last three decades. Ideal Foods & Beverages was initially a partnership enterprise which came into existence in the year 1979.

Greenway Exports Lanka

Product exports of the group are handled and channeled through this company. Greenway Exports Lank specializes in supplying FMCG for the Maldives and it mainly deals with supplying Lymol (lime juice alternate) to resorts and the retail market.

Greenway Agro Herbals

Neemox (neem oil pest repellent) being its main prodcut in the market, Greenway Agro Herbals is a manufacturing and research company dedeicated towards a sustainable future.

Delicare Cosmetics

Delicare Cosmetics came into existence in 1994 with the main business of manufacturing cosmetic items using natural extracts obtained from exquisite herbs mainly endemic to Sri Lanka . The firm is owned and managed by an internationally qualified professional beauty therapist.